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We are devoted to the animals entrusted to our care and do all we can to make sure they are placed in good homes. We require all prospective adoptions to be subject to application and interviewing before the animal can be released from the shelter. All of our animals are: spayed or neutered, have all vaccinations brought up to date, microchipped, and started on flea/tick prevention before adoption. Read on for details on how you can begin the steps to finding a new best friend. 



If you decide to apply to adopt an animal, you will be given an adoption application to fill out.  At the same time, a notice sticker will be placed on the pet's cage card to notify others that an adoption is pending. Animals cannot be "held" for anyone and are adopted only with an approved application.

After you have completed the adoption application, a staff adoption counselor will review it with you.  During this time the counselor will talk with you about the care that individual pet requires.  The counselor may ask you additional questions about your home and lifestyle in order to help him or her determine whether or not to approve the adoption.

Once the counselor has discussed the application with you, the adoption will be either approved or refused.

If the animal you have chosen to adopt has not been spayed or neutered, the animal will be “fixed” by our vet after going home with a signed spay/neuter form.  We contact the vet for an appointment, who contacts the adopter.  Copies of papers are sent to us when the process is completed.

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